Beach Bunny Swimwear - The Life and Times of a Swimwear Legend

Angela Chittenden wanted swimwear which was hot and enjoyable. With over six years experience as a swimsuit model along with a portfolio that included top rated magazines such as Maxim and Stuff, Angela was in a prime position to recognize an untapped market in the swimwear market. Sure, there were plenty of suits available for the women that was content to slide on something off the department store rack once she wanted to swim, but where were the suits to the hot, hot, sexiest women who believed her swimwear to be an integral component of her wardrobe? Where were the suits for the women who loved and were comfortable showing off their toned bodies? The swimsuit globe catered to girls who desired suits that hid defects and obscured thighs. Angela wanted to cater to the girls who might strut their stuff with confidence. Angela wanted swimwear that was hot and fun however not able to get what she wanted, she decided to make it and in 2004, Beach Bunny Swimwear was first born.

When you listen to the Words Beach Bunny Swimwear, you think of the word,"sexy". When you really lay eyes on Beach Bunny Swimwear, you feel the words,"Wow! Now that is sexy swimwear!" It certainly is. Beach Bunny unites the boudoir with all the shore with lingerie-inspired styles, keyhole cutouts, lace, chains, embroidery and Swarovski crystals (and those are merely some of the extraordinary details).

Beach Bunny Swimwear is Exclusively for the confident woman who prides herself on her femininity and fashion but that also knows how to have fun and stone her own unique character. The notion of being flirty and fun while also being strong and sexy is represented in the names of those collections: Tart Noir, Goddess, Class Act, Mermaid and Alpha Girl and is further characterized by the names of the respective pieces like Hot in the City, L.A. Woman, Miss Demeanor, Double Trouble, and Love Lock down.

Even though The designs and names alone are sufficient to capitulate the most stalwart head over heels into Beach Bunny Swimwear adore, it is the performance and fabrics that actually seal the bargain. Every possible attention to detail is taken into account, from the cloths chosen to proceed with the body to the elastic tops that flatter every shape. Beach Bunny Swimwear works hard to make you feel as great as you look in one of the matches. Girls come in all shapes and sizes; Beach Bunny Swimwear does too. The tops and bottoms are sold individually so sizes can be mixed and most styles have adjustable elements to adapt the ways the female body can subtly change fit.

With stunning designs and Meticulous attention to detail, it's not surprising that Beach Bunny Swimwear has a notable list of celebrity clientele, such as Mariah Carey, Kim Kardashian, Ashley Tisdale, Jessica Simpson, Salma Hayek, Sienna Miller, and Eva Longoria Parker. It is less surprising that the newest took off like wild fire and will shortly rely Dubi because its fourth largest storefront branded place. If You Aren't located near one of the shops in Scottsdale,

When You buy Beach Bunny Swimwear you're rewarding yourself using a High quality, luxurious garment that will make you grin and turn heads For years to come.

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